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You want it, we cut it

Bales is an old fashioned, specialized, butcher shop in Syracuse, Indiana.

Just like in our Grandpa’s day, we combine friendly service with specialized products to give you exactly what you need for your next great meal, with the family oriented atmosphere you’ve come to expect. With our growing list of products, you can find most things here that you won’t elsewhere.

Meats and Products sold

Take a look at the full list of products we sell:
  • Smoked meats [ hams bacons]
  • beef jerky[hot or original]
  • 3 flavors of summer sausage,[regular,garlic, jalapeno and cheese]
  • 3 flavors of homemade hot dogs [cheese,regular,jalapeno and cheese]
  • Salads and deli meat[ Also Boars Head Brand]
  • Our signature pulled pork,chicken,beef brisket,chicken wings, pork baby backs.[all seasoned and cooked in house]
  • All popular cuts of beef [steaks and roasts]
  • All popular cuts of pork[steaks and roast, [stuffed chops with homemade dressing]
  • Sausage bacon patties
  • Salt and pepper patties
  • Virginia style patties[ with red pepper and sage]
  • Ground chuck patties [4 pack or 5# boxes]
  • Nature Blessed frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Locally made egg rolls and fried rice
  • Variety of fish, and shrimp.
  • Locally made pies, cookies, breads, pumpkin roll, stuffed cookies, cheese bread, sheet cakes.
  • Variety of pickles, bbq sauces, dry rubs
  • 6 flavors of bratwurst [our own recipes]
  • 8 flavors of marinated chicken breast
  • variety of kitchen supplies[ bowl warmers, hot pads, aprons, scrubbies]

Our Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm

Saturday: 9am-4pm

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